Hi All!

This week I had to upgrade a Grid Infrastructure from to in a SuperCluster environment.

Before start the upgrade I ran cluvfy to check if all the prequisites were OK:

/u01/app/ stage -pre crsinst -upgrade -rolling -src_crshome /u01/app/ -dest_crshome /u01/app/ -dest_version -fixupnoexec -verbose

And then, I received this error:

Verifying Verify that the ASM instance was configured using an existing ASM parameter file. ...FAILED
PRVG-10091 : failed to retrieve the ASM password file location for an ASM instance.

Well, this issue occured because ASM password file was not located into an ASM DiskGroup. ASM password file was located in $GRID_HOME/dbs.

So, let’s copy the ASM password file to an ASM DiskGroup:

ASMCMD> pwcopy --asm /u01/app/ +DATAX7/cluster-sct03/orapwASM
copying /u01/app/ -> +DATAX7/cluster-sct03/orapwASM

Let’s verify if ASM recognises the new password file into ASM DiskGroup:

ASMCMD> pwget --asm

Cool, is in’t?

OK, then I executed cluvfy one more time:

Pre-check for cluster services setup was successful.

Then I just started the execution of gridSetup.sh and everything was OK.

After that, I started the execution of rootupgrade.sh in first node, then, on Step 5, I got an error and rootupgrade.sh had aborted:

2019/10/09 12:18:33 CLSRSC-595: Executing upgrade step 5 of 19: 'UpgPrechecks'.
2019/10/09 12:18:46 CLSRSC-363: User ignored prerequisites during installation
2019/10/09 12:18:47 CLSRSC-667: found multiple ASM password files under '/u01/app/'
Died at /u01/app/ line 1206.
The command '/u01/app/ -I/u01/app/ -I/u01/app/ /u01/app/ -upgrade' execution failed

I didn’t found anything on Metalink (My Oracle Support – MOS).

Then, I just noticed that into $GRID_HOME/dbs there were 2 ASM password files in both nodes:

– The old one: orapw+ASM
– A backup: orapw+ASM.20190930

Well, then I moved the files to another directory on both nodes:

$ mv /u01/app/*ASM* /export/home/oracle/

Then I started the execution of rootupgrade.sh one more time:

2019/10/09 12:53:59 CLSRSC-325: Configure Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster ... succeeded


Thank you all!