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A client called me because they faced some issues while they’re upgrading the Operating System from RHEL 7.9 to RHEL 8.8.

Note that RHEL means Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Their environment is composed for clusters running on 19c.

They cloned one of their clusters to perform a POC for an in-place upgrade for RHEL.

This cloned environment was running on 19.19 in that time.

As per official Oracle documentation, if you perform OS upgrade, you must upgrade Oracle Clusterware operating system files, you can read more about it here: https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-database/19/cwlin/upgrading-os-for-an-oracle-grid-infrastructure-server.html#GUID-1C720BC5-583D-4943-A867-669941762FF1

After the OS Upgrade to RHEL 8.8, they performed the above task, with root user:

$GRID_HOME/crs/install/rootcrs.sh -updateosfiles

One of the tasks for this script rootcrs.sh with updateosfiles flag is to install ACFS module files in the operating system.

The log for this execution will be created under the following path:


Let’s see what happened in our execution:

ACFS-9462: The /oracle/app/193/grid/usm/install/Oracle/EL8/x86_64/4.18.0-425/4.18.0-425-x86_64/bin/oracleacfs-4.18.0-425.3.1.el8.x86_64.rpm RPM is not compatible with kernel kernel-core-4.18.0-477.27.1.el8_8.x86_64

ACFS-9466: *********************** SYMBOLS SUMMARY ***********************

ACFS-9465: Kernel: ‘kernel-core-4.18.0-477.27.1.el8_8.x86_64’, RPM: ‘/oracle/app/193/grid/usm/install/Oracle/EL8/x86_64/4.18.0-425/4.18.0-425-x86_64/bin/oracleacfs-4.18.0-425.3.1.el8.x86_64.rpm’

ACFS-9464: Symbol ARRAY(0x1524530).

ACFS-9459: ADVM/ACFS is not supported on this OS version: ‘4.18.0-477.27.1.el8_8.x86_64’

Fortunately, there is a Support Note about this error: AFD / ACFS modules load error on RHEL 8.8 and OL8.8 (Doc ID 2950755.1).

The solution is apply the patch 35273104.

The description for this patch is:

Patch 35273104: RHEL8U8 RHCK USM (ACFS, AFD) MODULE UPDATE (4.18.0-477.10.1.EL8.X86_64)

Please note that this patch is available for the following RU’s:

  • Oracle 19.17;
  • Oracle 19.18;
  • Oracle 19.19.

This bug fix is already included in RU 19.20 and later RU’s (19.21 and 19.22).

If you are already running on RHEL 8.8, you must download this patch and apply it. Please note that you must apply this patch in all cluster nodes.

After this, execute again the command $GRID_HOME/crs/install/rootcrs.sh -updateosfiles

Once you executed rootcrs.sh, you are good to start the cluster: $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl start crs -wait

Good news is that for this client, all environments are already running on 19.21, except for this POC environment. So, they should not face any issues upgrading to RHEL 8.8. 🙂

Hope it helps!