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After understand a little bit about DB Systems, let’s start creating a new DB System:

In the top left corner, click on hamburger, then on Bare Metal, VM, and Exadata:


Make sure that you are in DEV_COMPARTMENT, then, click on [Create DB System] button:


You need specify some values to fit your needs:

  • Compartment;
  • Name of DB System;
  • Availability Domain where DB System will be created;
  • Shape type;
  • Shape;
  • Total node count;
  • Database Software Edition;
  • Available Storage;
  • Add public SSH keys;
  • License type;
  • VCN;
  • Client Subnet;
  • Hostname prefix.

As an example, all those informations can be verified in below screens, but, in summary:

  • Compartment: DEV_COMPARTMENT;
  • Name of DB System: TESTDEVDB;
  • Availability Domain where DB System will be created: AD-1;
  • Shape type: Virtual Machine;
  • Shape: VM.Standard2.2;
  • Total node count: 1;
  • Database Software Edition: Enterprise Edition High Performance;
  • Available Storage: 256GB;
  • Add public SSH keys: add your public ssh key. If you don’t have one, create a SSH key pair in OpenSSL format: Creating a Key Pair;
  • License type: License Included;
  • Client Subnet: Public Subnet for AD-1;
  • Hostname prefix: TESTDEVDB.


Then, click on [Next] button:


Then you need to specify some information for Database that will be created:

  • Database Name;
  • Database Version;
  • PDB name (Optional):
  • Administrator credentials;
  • Workload type;
  • Enable automatic backups;
  • Backup retention period;
  • Character set (in advanced options).

In my example, I just filled out the the form with following:

  • Database name: DEVCDB;
  • Database version:;
  • PDB name: ERPDEV;
  • Workload type: OLTP;
  • Enable automatic backups: Yes;
  • Backup retention period: 7 days.

Then, click on [Create DB System] button:


You will see the following screen meanwhile DB System is being created:

After some time your DB System will be ready to use. In my case, the creation task took 90 minutes. When ready, you see the screen:

All set! In the next post we will continue exploring OCI.

You can read more about Database on OCI here:

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