Hi all,
Hope you are all good.
This is the second post showing how to create a clone of ASM Disks to do your DB clone very quickly to use it as a target for GoldenGate.
Just to recap what we did in the last blog post:
Storage Team provide us the new WWIDs. First thing to do, we must scan the disks in all cluster nodes:
iscsiadm -m session --rescan
OK, those are the IDs:
DATA_0001: 3600a0980383041626a2b4c38386e7836p1
DATA_0002: 3600a0980383041626a2b4c38386e7837p1
DATA_0003: 3600a0980383041626a2b4c38386e7838p1
DATA_0004: 3600a098038304162745d4c3964754c34p1
DATA_0005: 3600a098038304162745d4c3964754c35p1
DATA_0006: 3600a098038304162745d4c3964754c36p1
DATA_0007: 3600a098038304162745d4c3964754c37p1
As said in the previous post, we cannot use the same name, so, we need to rename them, let’s do one by one, in the first cluster node:
oracleasm renamedisk -f /dev/mapper/3600a0980383041626a2b4c38386e7836p1 DATA_NEW_0001
oracleasm renamedisk -f /dev/mapper/3600a0980383041626a2b4c38386e7837p1 DATA_NEW_0002
oracleasm renamedisk -f /dev/mapper/3600a0980383041626a2b4c38386e7838p1 DATA_NEW_0003
oracleasm renamedisk -f /dev/mapper/3600a098038304162745d4c3964754c34p1 DATA_NEW_0004
oracleasm renamedisk -f /dev/mapper/3600a098038304162745d4c3964754c35p1 DATA_NEW_0005
oracleasm renamedisk -f /dev/mapper/3600a098038304162745d4c3964754c36p1 DATA_NEW_0006
oracleasm renamedisk -f /dev/mapper/3600a098038304162745d4c3964754c37p1 DATA_NEW_0007
After renamed the disks on first node, let’s scan the disks in the remaining nodes:
oracleasm scandisks
oracleasm listdisks
OK, now we have all nodes with new disks scanned and accessible.
In the next blog post I will show how to rename the DiskGroup for those new (cloned) disks.

Hope that helps.