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Hey guys!

Yes! That’s right!!

Now I am working for Accenture Enkitec Group!

In the last 4 years, I worked for Oracle Brazil in Advanced Customer Services. It was a great journey, I had the opportunity to work in big projects, I met a lot of people and had the chance to get more experience!

But, why Accenture Enkitec Group?

I am following the experts from Accenture Enkitec Group a long time ago! Whether through their blog postings, webcasts, Oracle OpenWorld Sessions in San Francisco. The fact is, the professionals that I have more admiration in the Oracle World are working or already worked for this group. I already learned a lot with all of them and now I have sure that I will learn more than expected being part of this team!

Some of professionals that I will have chance to work for:

Working for Accenture Enkitec Group, I can back to post in my blog and speak in Oracle related-events since them encourage us to do it! Certainly I’ll have a chance to become an active Oracle member in technical community again.

I would like to thanks in special to people that help me to become this dream in reality: Alex Zaballa, Veronica Stigers, Martin Paynter and Rodrigo Righetti.

I am not still believing!

I am ready for this challenge and I am really motivated to become part of this team!

I need to use the same words that Alex Zaballa posted in his blog in 2015:

If you know me and know Enkitec, you will know how happy I am! 🙂